Desert spoon

Dasylirion wheeleri


The Desert spoon is a medium size yucca-like shrub growing 4-5 ft. in dia., eventually developing a short trunk that can reach 4-5 ft. tall. Gray leaves grow to 3 ft. long and have sharp upward facing teeth on the margins. Mature plants produce a showy stalk of creamy-white flowers in late spring and into summer.

Desert spoon occurs over a large range across New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico where it is adapted to heat, cold, aridity and extended periods of drought. This is the most popular species of desert spoon for planting in Inland Empire gardens. Its distinctive gray foliage color makes it a popular foliage plant in southwestern and Mediterranean style gardens. It is grown in containers, on banks, around walks and in cacti and succulent garden plantings.

Plant Type: Yucca
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Upright, Symmetrical, Solitary, Rigid, Dense
Growth Rate: Slow
Foliage Color: Blue green
Flower Color: Cream
Flower Season: Summer, Spring
Soil Adaptations: Well-draining soil
Exposure Adaptations: Heat, Frost, Aridity, All day sun
Function: Specimen, Flowering accent plant, Container plant
Height: 4 ft. – 7 ft.
Width: 4 ft. – 7 ft.