Blue Flame agave

Agave ‘Blue Flame’


Blue Flame agave is a bold clumping plant that is a hybrid between A. shawii and A. attenuata. It has long and gracefully tapered blue-green leaves, growing 3-5 ft. tall and as wide. Leaf margins have fine teeth; a stiff terminal spine grows on the tips. Showy creamy-yellow flowers develop on 12-15 ft. tall arching spikes in late fall and winter.

This cultivar is a vigorous monocarpic plant that forms large groupings over time. First propagated in the 1960s, it has recently been discovered as a landscape and garden plant for mild climate zones in the Inland Empire. Established plants are damaged by temperatures below 25°F. A robust plant that makes bold landscape statements and requires ample space.

Plant Type: Agave
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Rigid, Clumping
Growth Rate: Slow
Foliage Color: Blue green
Flower Color: Yellow
Flower Season: Insignificant
Soil Adaptations: Well-draining soil, Rocky soil
Exposure Adaptations: Wind, Heat, Aridity, All day sun
Function: Rock gardens, Raised planters, Hummingbird plant, Grouped, Foliage accent plant, Container plant
Height: 3 ft. – 5 ft.
Width: 3 ft. – 5 ft.