Atlas fescue

Festuca mairei


The Atlas fescue is a robust clumping species with bright green foliage that grows into 24-30 in. dia. mounds. Inflorescences develop in late spring and persist into fall, and provide pleasing visual character when moving in the wind or backlit by the sun. Long and flexible leaf blades are flat, gradually taper to a soft point and turn wheat colored in late fall.

Atlas fescue is a tough grass with pleasing ornamental characteristics that is commonly planted in large scale areas where it can provide a strong visual pattern. It grows well in full sun, on well-drained soils and with regular water throughout the year. As this plant matures at the end of summer, it develops a blond color similar to California native grasses. Like other clumping grass species, Atlas fescue should be trimmed each year to make way for a new season of growth.

Plant Type: Grass
Foliage Character: Semi-deciduous
Habit: Symmetrical, Robust, Clumping
Growth Rate: Moderate
Foliage Color: Light green
Flower Color: Cream
Flower Season: Summer, Spring
Soil Adaptations: Well-draining soil, Clay
Exposure Adaptations: Heat, Cold hardy, Aridity, All day sun
Function: Slopes, Residential spaces, Raised planters, Parks and open space, Near pools and water features, Mass planting, Grouped, Foliage accent plant, Flowering accent plant, Container plant, Commercial spaces, Civic spaces, Borders, Banks, Small spaces
Height: 24 in. – 30 in.
Width: 24 in. – 30 in.