Bronze loquat

Eriobotrya deflexa


The Bronze loquat can be grown as a large mounding shrub to medium size evergreen tree, 25-30 ft. tall and as wide. It has large leaves, 8-10 in. long by 2-3 in. wide with coarsely serrated margins. It’s most distinctive characteristic is the colorful red-bronze new growth that occurs at the ends of branches in the early to mid-spring; these leaves mature to dark green during summer. Large clusters of creamy-white flowers are followed by small inedible fruit.

Bronze loquat is native to warm climates of southeast Asia and is appreciated as a relatively clean and attractive foliage plant. It is a good size for many residential and commercial spaces to provide shade and seasonal interest. It is sometimes grown as a large shrub and clipped as a formal hedge along walls and fences.

Plant Type: Tree
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Upright, Multi-trunk, Mounding, Low-branching, Dense
Growth Rate: Moderate
Foliage Color: Dark green, Bronze, Red
Flower Color: Insignificant, Cream
Flower Season: Winter
Soil Adaptations: Loam, Clay
Exposure Adaptations: Morning sun, Heat, Frost, All day sun
Function: Residential spaces, Parks and open space, Grouped, Foundations, Foliage accent plant, Espalier, Commercial spaces, Civic spaces, Background plant, Wildlife value, Specimen, Shade Tree, Screening
Height: 25 ft. – 30 ft.
Width: 25 ft. – 30 ft.

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