Louis Edmunds manzanita

Arctostaphylos bakeri ‘Louis Edmunds’


Louis Edmunds manzanita grows into a tall evergreen shrub with an upright branching habit, 8-10 ft. tall and 6-8 ft. wide. Foliage is comprised of 1″ large pale green leaves; late winter flowers are light pink and attract hummingbirds. It’s distinctive bark is very dark purple.

The Louis Edmunds manzanita is a popular landscape cultivar selected from a stand of Arctostaphylos bakeri growing in Sonoma County. The combination of dark bark color and light foliage make it a highly attractive shrub for background and specimen uses, particularly when pruned to reveal its structure. When grown in the Inland Empire, it needs protection from hot afternoon sun and careful summer watering. It grows well with toyon, sugar bush, buckwheats, coast live oak and other California natives.

Plant Type: Shrub, Native
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Upright, Open, Low-branching, Graceful
Growth Rate: Slow
Foliage Color: Pale green
Flower Color: Pink
Flower Season: Winter
Soil Adaptations: Well-draining soil, Clay, Acidic soil
Exposure Adaptations: Morning sun, Partial sun
Function: Wildlife value, Specimen, Hummingbird plant, California native
Height: 8 ft. – 10 ft.
Width: 6 ft. – 8 ft.