Peppermint tree

Agonis flexuosa


The Peppermint tree grows at a moderate rate into a medium sized tree with dense, evergreen foliage and a distinctive weeping habit. With age it can reach 25-35 ft. tall with an equal spread, and develop a stout trunk and bold branching character. Long narrow green leaves are peppermint spicy-fragrant when crushed and hang gracefully from drooping branches. Small white flowers develop in spring, but are not very showy. Trunks and branches are covered with distinctive coarse red-brown bark.

This tree is native to mild coastal climates and habitats of western Australia in areas that receive 32-40 in. of annual precipitation. Soils range from calcareous deposits to beach sands and sandy loam. These adaptations and sensitivity to cold cause the Peppermint tree to be recommended only for frost-free parts of the Inland Empire. In these locations it is valued as a residential shade tree in courtyards and for front and back yards where it provides a pleasing hanging foliage habit that resembles weeping willows.

Plant Type: Tree
Foliage Character: Evergreen
Habit: Upright, Low-branching, Dense, Weeping
Growth Rate: Slow, Moderate
Foliage Color: Medium green
Flower Color: White
Flower Season: Spring
Soil Adaptations: Silt, Sand, Clay, Calcareous soil
Exposure Adaptations: All day sun
Function: Parks and open space, Foliage accent plant, Fragrant foliage, Courtyard and patio tree, Shade Tree, Residential spaces
Height: 25 ft. – 35 ft.
Width: 25 ft. – 35 ft.

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