Waterwise Garden Digital Tour


Learn about all we have to offer to help you on your waterwise journey! Below are our most important resources.

Water Features

Simple DIY water features, from birdbaths to stock tank mini-ponds are both beautiful and provide an important water source for birds

Colorful Desert Garden

Learn how to plan your own colorful desert garden

Dry Streambed

Building beautiful streambed features at home that capture, clean, and soak in the rain

California Native Plants

Learn more about native plant gardens from design through installation and care

Meadow Garden

Learn how to plan your own waterwise meadow

Mediterranean Garden

Learn how to plan your own Mediterranean style garden

Container Gardening

Below are some of our favorite links about growing California native plants in containers

Pollinator Gardening

Learn how to support native pollinators in your landscape

Slope Planting

Plantings on slopes can be beautiful, fire-wise, and help prevent erosion

Turf Alternatives

Best as smaller areas within a larger waterwise landscape, you can still have a spot of grass or meadow for picnics, play time, or the dog

Bird and Butterfly Gardening

Learn how to support native birds and butterflies in your landscape

Right Plant, Right Place

Use these resources to choose the right waterwise plants for your space

Sculptural Succulent Garden

Learn how to plan your own garden that combines architectural forms with waterwise color

Mulch Options

Covering the soil with the right material is important to get new plantings off to the right start

Watering and Irrigation Systems

What kind of watering system is best for you and how long and how often to run it?

Rain Barrels

While we normally first focus on features like dry streambeds that can soak massive amounts of water into the ground, some community members are interested in rain barrels

Trees in Your Landscape

Learn how to select, plant, and care for your trees.

Our Native Oaks

Learn more about oaks and the plants that go well with them

Capturing Water At Home

Learn how to turn rainwater into a resource

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